Advantage disadvantage advantageous

1. As is known, the ... of long continuous faces is that they per­
mit an almost 100 per cent of recovery of mineral.

2. Hydraulic mining is practised extensively at a number of col­
lieries. It is one of the ... methods of mining.

3. As for the room-and-pillar method one must say that this
method of mining is seldom practised in Russia because it has some

4. One of these ...s is that the pillars between the rooms are
partly extracted.

30. Переведите на английский язык сочетания с предлогами per (в, на)и
instead (of) (взамен, вместо)'.

в сутки; в месяц; на тонну; вместо угля; вместо камерно-столбовой системы разработки

206______________________________________________ Unit 8

31. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на разные значения и
функции глаголов to be и to have:

1. The various methods of mining involve production faces
which are either long (longwall) or short (shortwall) or room-

2. Until mining machines were developed, short faces predomi­

3. The aim was to reduce the volume of development work by
using the longwall method.

4. Some disadvantages of shortwall work are a considerable loss
of mineral which may reach and exceed 40 per cent, and the dif­
ficulty of ventilation.

5. In gassy mines each face with its development workings has
to be ventilated with its own air current.

6. Cutter-loaders are being widely applied underground now
because these machines are the most progressive means for mecha­
nising coal winning.

7. It is necessary to study all the factors which influence the
choice of the mining method.

8. There are special methods of extracting seams which are
close together (сближенные).

9. The shield method of mining has to be introduced in thick
seams, dipping at an angle of not less than 55-60", with regular
occurrence and hard coal.

10. They have to introduce new mining equipment as soon as possible.

32. Переведите предложения, обращая внимание на разные способы вы­
ражения отрицания:

1. As the longwall method permits an almost 100 per cent re­
covery of coal, all the seam is extracted and there is no coal left in
the form of pillars, except the shaft pillar.

2. No fissures were found.

3. We do not use the room-and-pillar method on a wide scale
because it is characterized by high losses of coal.

4. Nothing was said about special ways of extracting thick

5. In manless faces no men operate the machines, you can see
nobody in such faces as all the processes are fully automated.

6. A level is a horizontal road with no direct access to the sur­

Units_________________________________________ 207

33. Выразвте несогласие • подтвердите свою точку зрения фактами из
текста Б, используя следующие разговорные формулы:

od the contrary; to my mind; In my opinion; as far as I know; as Is known; I'd like to stress that; I'd like to say that; let us consider

1. We say that the method of mining is rational if it guarantees
only safety of the men and maximum output of mineral.

2. It is rather difficult to define which method of mining
(longwall or shortwall) is more often used in Russia.

3. The shield method of mining is used where short faces are
worked. It is used in all the coal-fields of Russia.

4. The problem of extracting thick seams is not difficult. As a
rule, such seams are not extracted to full thickness.

5. In applying hydraulic mining powerful cutter-loaders win
coal and transport it to the surface.

34. Суммируйте содержание текста Б. При этом ответьте на следующие

1. What does the method of mining mineral deposits under­
ground involve?

2. What main requirements should mining methods satisfy?

3. What types of production faces do the methods of mining in­

4. What can you say about their application in different coal-
producing countries?

5. What methods of mining are practised in the Kuznetsk coal­

35. Расскажите вашим друзьям о посещении шахты по следующему плану,
используя слова в скобках:

1. The Location of the Mine, Its Geological Conditions (folds,
faults, disturbances, depth, seams, thick, sloping, steep, inclined). Try to
explain why underground mining is used there.

2. The Type of the Deposit (tabular, bedded, vein).

3. The Method of Mining (longwall, room-and-pillar).

4. Mine Workings, Their Functions (vertical, horizontal, in­

5. Average Output (annual, daily).

208 UnltS

36. Прочитайте заголовок и аннотацию к тексту В и скажите, о чем гово­
рится в тексте В.

37. Прочитайте текст и скажите, как ведется борьба с метаном на шах­
тах Карагандинского угольного бассейна.

Слова для понимания текста:

goaf— завал; обрушенное пространство

double-ended drum bearer— комбайн с двойным барабаном